Craftmaster Furniture

Craftmaster Furniture was founded in Taylorville, North Carolina in 1972.  In just over forty years, the company has grown from 20 people to over 500 employees, many of whom have been with the company for over 25 years.

Craftmaster was purchased in 2006 by Samson Holdings and has continued to grow its business, making Craftmaster one of the most well-known upholstery manufacturers in the country. Pride in craftsmanship continues to be one of its primary earmarks.

Craftmaster offers an Earthcare inside program featuring environmentally friendly products designed with the customer in mind.  The program embraces components created from renewable or recycled materials, products that have a smaller environmental footprint while maintaining the highest quality and value.

Custom Order is Craftmaster’s strength.  They offer 120+ living room styles, 100+ accent chairs and ottomans, 30+ recliner styles, and 1,000+ fabric choices. Customers can choose the style and fabric that best suits their decorating needs.

Craftmaster Furniture is available in Fabric or Leather in the following categories:
  • Sofas: Over 150 sofas are available in either three-cushion or two-cushion form, in two types:  sleeper and stationary. Sofas come in a variety of styles, from Casual to Contemporary, and in fabric or leather.  Brands available include Paula Deen and Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Chairs and Accents:  Craftmaster chairs are available in three forms: armchairs, armless chairs, and wing chairs. They are available in leather and fabric and in styles that range from Casual to Traditional. Accents available include beds, benches, chaises, ottomans, and settees.
  • Sectionals:  Nineteen sectionals are available in fabric and leather and in either recliner or stationary type. Styles range from Casual to Transitional.
  • Recliners:  Fourteen recliners, either armchairs or wing chairs, are available in fabric or leather, and in four styles:  Casual, Modern Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional.

As noted, Craftsman products are available in either Leather or Fabric. Items available in leather include chairs, ottomans, sectionals, and sofas.   The 1,000+ fabric choices are available in ten different types, including contemporary, plaid, print, solid, and stripe.

To learn more about Craftmaster Furniture and the company’s Custom Order program, ask one of our design specialists.