Rowe Furniture

A Virginia-based company, Rowe Furniture is one of the world’s most respected custom upholstery manufacturers. Rowe has earned the trust and captured the imagination, mood, and eye of millions of customers the world over.

In addition, Rowe has made a commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing processes and sustainable product development. Eco-friendly materials are used in every phase of Rowe’s product development.

Their business is based on listening to customers and adapting to their needs. This means if you don’t see something that’s uniquely you, chances are they can make it.
Product Collections

Rowe’s complete line of upholstered furniture spans five distinctive areas:
  • Sofas: Some of the best moments in life are spent on the sofa – relaxing, reflecting, reading…even dozing. From contemporary or traditional, full-size or you-size, curlups or formal, Rowe can create the perfect reflection of you. Rowe collections span the alphabet, from the Abbot collection to the Wrigley collection…and everything between.
  • Sectionals: A sectional is the perfect gathering place, the ultimate meeting spot in your home. And, because sectionals are modular by design, it’s easy to create the perfect fit. See how Rowe sectional pieces can come together for you.
  • Slipcovers: The ideal slipcover is washable and cleanable, with a life-proof fabric that protects your peace of mind as effortlessly as it protects your furniture. From a warm chenille fabric to a light cotton print, Rowe slipcovers are equal parts form, fashion, and function.
  • Sleep Sofas: Many Rowe sofa designs are also available as sleep sofas.  Supreme styling combines with supreme cushioning, like their optional Cloudcoil mattress, to make sleep sofa shopping compromise-free.
  • Chairs and Accents: These are the exclamation points in your home. The perfect accent chair adds energy, style, and function to any space you place it.

Your choice of furniture should capture your mood and express your style. Rowe has over 500 fabrics and a Fabric Browser that enables you to find the combination of fabric color, pattern, and texture that is uniquely you.

Ask one of our design specialists to learn more about the complete selection of Rowe custom upholstered furniture available through Northwestern Home Furnishings.