Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge for delivery?
We offer free delivery within most of west Michigan. Extended delivery areas are available for a fee depending on the purchase and the location. Delivery times are usually Monday – Friday mornings 9-11:30 and afternoons 1- 3:30. Please see store for details.

Do you have in-home consultants?
Yes, our designers can assist you by visiting your home and developing a plan for the best arrangement, color choice and finishing touches with your personal style in mind.

Is there a fee for consultations?
No, this is a service from Northwestern HF with your intentions of purchasing items from us.  We have a wide variety of furniture sources to choose from.

How do I care for my furniture?
Upholstered Furniture – You may spot clean your upholstered furniture with a cleaner designed to work with your fabric’s cleaning code.  Cleaning codes are “W” for water based cleaning agents, “S” for solvents, and “WS” for fabrics that use both.  Always test a small unseen area for discoloration. Follow the directions on the cleaning solvent package.

We recommend using a professional cleaning service for dirt build-up or large stains.

Where can I find your customer reviews?
We are an A+ rated company by BBB and you can click here to read our customer reviews.